Do your dental IT solutions need a check-up?

Dental Patient Information Security

Your reputation is important and HIPAA requires many security policies.  However, as hackers around the globe launch increasingly sophisticated attacks, make sure that your dental practice data and patient information is safe.  New generation products provide the “reasonable and appropriate” data protection that will help you sleep at night.

Compatibility of software in use

There are many reasons to keep dental practice management software and systems up to date.  New versions of practice management software require certain operating systems or add-ons.  Sharing patient data between office computers or with other practices can cause problems if old Microsoft Office documents are not compatible.  There are patient information security risks associated with older systems, and many malware attacks and data breaches originate due to out of date software.

Maximize utilization of the features in practice management package

There are endless ways to become more efficient through the effective use of dental practice technologies.  From quick chairside charting to inter office communication, taking full advantage of the software features that you already own can really improve productivity in the office.

Still Using Paper Forms?

Practically all dental practice processes that used to be accomplished by paper can be eliminated through technology.  For most dental practice management software packages, there are web and electronic new patient forms.  Patient check-in can be completed at a kiosk or tablet.  Consent forms can be electronically signed with chair side signature pads.  Payment signatures can also be taken electronically.

If for some reason, your practice still needs or wants a paper process, high speed electronic scanners can digitize and store so that at least the file room can be eliminated.

Efficient patient experience

From the time any patient walks through the from door, until their dental visit is complete and they are checking out, smoothly running technology systems improve their visit experience.  Electronic check-in eliminates data entry for staff and minimizes new patient wait times.  Chair-side dental charting maximizes the time spent with the patient.  Additionally, dental technology is impressive to patients, from practice management software to digital, intraoral, and panoramic images.

Smooth and speedy check-out are the last chance to satisfy the patient and insure that the experience is positive.  Efficient dental technology helps keep patients coming back and brings more new patients through referrals.

Display digital images to the patient

From the dental chair, do you have the capability to explain and educate patients by displaying their captured intraoral or panoramic images?  A high quality large display in each room is necessary. The screen can be wall mounted or on an arm.  Either way, a picture is worth a thousand words and patients really appreciate this added capability.

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