7 Microsoft Cloud products perfect for the construction industry

Microsoft products constantly evolve and improve to meet the needs of customers.  In this article, we will describe how these products are relevant to the Construction Industry.  Of the solutions described, there are new products, products with new names and some products which have been around for a while.  Nevertheless, each provide comprehensive protection at levels well suited for construction companies.

Microsoft’s cloud platform is commonly referred to as Azure or Office 365. Within these broad groupings there are many strategies and solutions to facilitate your company’s technology transformation.

Security and Compliance

Even though the construction industry does not have specific technology compliance regulations like HIPAA or PCI, the concepts are still applicable.


Even the smallest litigation cases involve eDiscovery.  At some point your company may be in the unfortunate situation of being required to identify and provide data as evidence in a legal case related to a construction project.  Microsoft eDiscovery allows the company to search across all email, SharePoint, and Skype for Business data for the relevant content.  The data can then be identified, saved, or exported for further use.


Auditing provides the ability to track and report on user activity in email or SharePoint.  For example, finding out if a user purged a specific item from their mailbox.  The log is unified so one search can include logs from all users.


Historical email message data can be retained with unlimited storage capacity.  When a content search is initiated by job name, contractor, subcontractor or any other terms, the archive location is searched also.

Threat Protection

Threat management is included as part of Security and Compliance in Office 365.


Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides construction companies the ability to protect user mailboxes from unsafe links and attachments.  When enabled, all attachments are opened in an isolated environment and examined for unsafe behavior prior to delivery to the recipient mailbox.

Safe links is part of the Advanced Threat Protection and protects users from malicious links.  When a user clicks on a link, safe links examines the link and determines whether it is safe.  If the site is determined to be malicious, a warning is displayed to the user.

Windows 10

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is powered by the cloud, detecting attacks that make it past all other defenses using behavioral, new, and historical information to detect attacks.

Mobility Solutions for the Construction Industry

Enterprise Mobility + Security from Microsoft helps business users stay secure and productive when mobile.  These solutions align perfectly with the way that most contractors and subcontractors use their technology devices.

Simple and Secure Identity Management

Protect your data from attacks on multiple levels using innovative, identity-driven security techniques.  Azure Active Directory provides single sign-on and multifactor authentication plus advanced security reporting.

Mobile Device Management – Does your company allow personal devices?

Regardless of whether your company uses iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices, the data and apps on the devices can be safeguarded from one management console.

‘Bring your own Device’ (BYOD) presents a growing challenge for IT departments keeping company information secure.  Protect company apps and data on any device with Microsoft Intune all from the same central console.

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